MN-20-184 Crimping pliers for end sleeves 0.25-6mm2 175mm CRMO TPR

Handy automatic press


Features and benefits

  • Adjusting the size of the dies and the clamping force - turning the knob in the "+" direction increases the die, while in the "-" direction reduces the die
  • The profiled two-component handle provides a comfortable grip and work comfort
  • The locking ratchet system supports the crimping and allows the pliers to be opened only after the terminal is crimped or the lock is released
  • The jaws for crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals, single and double, in the range of 0.25-6 mm2 (24-10 AWG)
  • The jaws made of high-quality, hardened steel guarantee durability and quick and effective crimping of the sleeves
  • The self-adjusting jaw system allows for accurate compression of the sleeve, while eliminating crimping errors resulting from selecting the wrong die size

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