MN-23-068 Insulation stripper

Cable stripping knife


Features and benefits

  • Smooth adjustment of the cutting depth by means of an adjustable screw at the end of the handle allows you to work without damaging the internal wires
  • The self-tightening blade holder ensures that the blade is guided securely
  • The durable housing made of high-quality, wear-resistant ABS material
  • The protective hood for the blade protects them against damage during transport and protects the user against injury
  • The rotating inner knife for making round and length cuts
  • A secure grip thanks to inserts made of soft components on the handle
  • 2 outer blades - straight for precise and quick cutting of the insulation, hook-shaped for safe removal of the outer sheath
  • A wide working range of Ø 8-28 mm, making it possible to strip all round cables

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