MN-57-318 Set of sockets 18 pcs 1/2''

18-piece set of socket wrenches 1/2'' with MaxxDrive system of CR-V steel


Features and benefits

  • Tools are made of high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, which ensure a long service life of the product
  • Maxxdrive system firmly holds the loosened (tightened) elements, which enables you to loosen (tighten) worn-out nuts
  • Ratchet mechanism contains 36 teeth , which enable precise work and a stroke every 10 degrees
  • Satin and polished surface of tools protects them from corrosion

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    • Sockets 1/2" 10.0; 11.0; 12.0; 13.0; 14.0; 15.0; 17.0; 19.0; 21.0; 22.0; 24.0 mm
    • Ratchet 250 mm
    • Extension 125, 200 mm
    • T type handle 250 mm
    • Cardan joint for sockets 75 mm
    • Drive plug sockets 16.21 mm
    • Handle with a joint 360 mm


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