MN-92-014 Circular saw 1200 W /185 mm

Circular saw 1200 W with cutting guide and adjustable base

Features and benefits

  • 1200 W power makes the saw versatile and enables it to be used for a variety of tasks relating to cutting wood and wood-based materials
  • Stepless cutting depth adjustment reduces the wear of the blade and the load on the engine while cutting materials
  • Shoe tilting 45 degrees facilitates various cutting edges
  • Rubberized ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and stable grip of the tool in your hand
  • Durable steel shoe is resistant to damage
  • Cutting line indicator on the shoe helps guide the tool on the desired path
  • Side fence guide helps keep straight cutting line and constant distance from the edge
  • Connecting a vacuum cleaner to the chippings/shavings extraction system means less dirt and dust in the workplace
  • On/off switch lock allows the device to be operated for a long time without holding the trigger, increasing comfort and safety of operation
  • Spindle lock facilitates replacing the blades
  • A 3 m long cable provides the user freedom of operation without the need to move the power source
  • Red Plug Service guarantees quick repair of a broken tool though free courier shipment from and to the customer

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    Base material

    • Board


    • Wood

    • Plastic



    • 185 mm circular saw blade with carbide teeth
    • Guide


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