MN-92-207 Planer 900 W

Planer 900 W with blade 82 mm wide and with precise planing depth adjustment

Features and benefits

  • 900 W planer is ideal for working with harder kinds of wood and wood-based materials
  • Planing depth adjustment between 0 and 3 mm allows precise control over the thickness of the collected material
  • Planing width stop limiting the planing width to the edge of the material being worked on allows the planer to be controlled precisely
  • Special guiding V-grooves in the shoe facilitate working on the edges at a 45 degree angle
  • Aluminum shoe improves the durability of the working base
  • Comfortable two-handed handle results in more precise operation
  • Connecting a vacuum cleaner to the chippings/shavings extraction system means less dirt and dust in the workplace
  • A 3 m long cable provides the user freedom of operation without the need to move the power source
  • Red Plug Service guarantees quick repair of a broken tool though free courier shipment from and to the customer

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    Base material

    • Board



    • Planing width stop
    • Planing depth stop
    • Container for chippings/shavings
    • Set of additional motor brushes (replacement only in an authorized service centre)


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