MN-92-501 Reciprocating saw 800 W

Universal reciprocating saw 800 W with rotating handle and LED lighting

Features and benefits

  • Rotating handle increases comfort of operation when cutting in different directions
  • LED lights illuminate the workplace allowing operation in poorly lit conditions
  • Adjustment of the stroke rate of the blade enables precise control and allows the user to set parameters of operation appropriate to the material being cut
  • Universal frame ensures compatibility with various types of blades
  • Pendulum action adjustment (clearing the cut) allows wood to be cut more quickly and aggressively
  • Tool-free blade replacement facilitates operation and speeds up work
  • Tool-free shoe adjustment with the ability to set the cutting angle facilitates operation
  • On/off switch lock allows the device to be operated for a long time without holding the trigger, increasing comfort and safety of operation
  • Soft Touch - special paint increases the grip on the handle and makes it more comfortable, thus improving the comfort of operation when using the tool

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    Base material

    • Wood

    • Board


    • Plastic


    • Hollow brick

      Hollow brick


    • Saw blade

    Product information




    Box weight

    Outer weight






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