MN-93-016 Bench grinder 350 W

Bench grinder 350 W with durable induction motor for grindstones ø200 mm


Features and benefits

  • 350 W induction motor, due to, among others, the fact that it is brushless, ensures high durability and reliability of the tool
  • Large adjustable screens protect the user from sparks and chippings and increase the safety of operation
  • Aluminum body improves the tool's durability and heat dissipation
  • Convenient on/off switch facilitates operation of the tool
  • Mounting holes in the base allow the grinder to be fixed to a stable surface, which guarantees safe operation of the tool
  • Red Plug Service guarantees quick repair of a broken tool though free courier shipment from and to the customer

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    Base material

    • Steel


    • Aluminium


    • Plastic



    • Two abrasive bricks


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