MN-93-220 Drywall sander 225 mm, 1220 W

Drywall sander 1220 W with built-in dust extraction system

Features and benefits

  • Hand-held drywall sander greatly facilitates work when sanding walls at the user's work height
  • Built-in dust extraction system with adjustable power, along with included bag, guarantees less dust in the room and better work conditions
  • Removable front part of the disc guard allows the user to sand near corners and in hard-to-reach places
  • Brush around the working disc prevents dust from getting in and reduces damage to the surface being sanded
  • Shoulder strap and side handle (mountable in 2 positions) reduce the user's fatigue and improve comfort of operation
  • Adjustment of the disc's rotational speed allows the user to set a speed appropriate to the surface being worked on and the work being performed
  • On/off switch lock allows the device to be operated for a long time without holding the trigger, increasing comfort and safety of operation
  • Hook and loop fastening of discs greatly decreases time needed to replace them
  • A 4 m long cable provides large area of operation without the need to move the power source
  • Disc powered directly by the motor means increased durability of the tool
  • Easily accessible brushes can be replaced by the user
  • Red Plug Service guarantees quick repair of a broken tool though free courier shipment from and to the customer

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    Base material


    • Sandpaper set (various grades)
    • Side handle and shoulder strap
    • Dust bag with a hose
    • Spanner

    Product information





    Box weight

    Outer weight















    1220 W

    disc diameter

    215 - 225 mm


    1500 - 2300 r/min

    cord length

    4 m


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