New! Modeco Expert and Home Tools knee pads

New! Modeco Expert and Home Tools knee pads

We have expanded our range of Modeco Expert and Home Tools knee pads to include new items from these brands, improving the quality of a variety of jobs that require you to remain in a kneeling position for long periods of time.

The knee pads are great for the daily work of tile workers, installers, carpenters, electricians, DIYers and many others. They are excellent at protecting the body from damage or pain, thus improving comfort and productivity.

We have introduced 3 models of new knee pads:

What are characteristics of the new Modeco Expert and Home Tools knee pads?

  • Depending on the model, the new knee pads feature the following improvements to their use in everyday work:
  • PVC/TPR shell, which protects the knees from injury and the effects of cold and moisture;
  • Foam and gel cushion padding to absorb the pressure on the knees even when working for very long periods;
  • Velcro fastening straps to ensure that the knee pads fit any size and stay firmly on the knees;
  • Additional fastening strap to prevent sand and stones falling between knee pad and knee.