New! Modeco Expert voltage testers

New! Modeco Expert voltage testers

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new item to the Modeco Expert range – voltage testers. The 4 models of the devices offer the basic function of voltage detection, and other improvements that will support in the daily work of not only electricians or do-it-yourselfers.

Modeco Expert voltage testers are available in 4 versions:

What do the new Modeco Expert voltage testers offer?

Technical features of the new device offering depend on the sampler model and include the following improvements:

  • LEDs and an audible signal to indicate that a voltage has been detected.
  • A display showing the value of the detected voltage.
  • Contact measurement, allowing current to be measured in direct contact with the conductor.
  • Inductive measurement, allowing detection of live wires without direct contact.
  • Timer switch, deactivating the device when not in use.

Why go for the new Modeco Expert voltage testers?

  • The new testers are great for equipping electricians, installers, do-it-yourselfers and maintenance workers.
  • They are ideal for preliminary detection of the presence of voltage in exposed and hidden wires.
  • They accurately detect breaks in wires.
  • They are easy to use and very handy to carry.
  • They guarantee safety of use.